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Transform Your Business With AI

“Businesses that don’t invest in AI will be OUT OF BUSINESS in five years.” – Ray Kurzweil

Did that statement about AI just hit you sideways like it did me? I would be lying if I had not noticed that I was stunned and at a loss for words when I heard this statement. This is a bold statement and one that made me feel quite nervous for so many small businesses. Of course most small business owners are already using this advanced technology to unlock a wealth of opportunity and growth. But, there are a few that are still opposed to the idea of implementing AI resources and tools.

I believe Ray Kurzweil is onto something as it relates to the future of small businesses. This may be one of the most prophetic thoughts of our time in business and heeding the warning right now is crucial to your growth and success. If you are not investing in AI tools and resources right now you are putting yourself at risk for closure in the near future. There has been a technological shift over the last year that is critical for making your next move in business. If you desire to save time, make money, increase productivity and stay competitive in the market then keep reading. If you are still unsure or overwhelmed that’s ok. I hope this helps you shift your mindset and see how it can be used to help you make informed decisions for your small business.

Transform you business with artificial intelligence. Listen to the episode here!

What is AI and How Does It Work?

AI made some recent headway that has taken the world by surprise. Because of the sudden advancement in this technology it led many business owners to believe that this was a new trend. In November of 2022 OpenAI unleashed a beast, ChatGPT. This is a turning point in AI technology.

The groundwork for AI technology started in the early 1900’s. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that major strides were made toward what we will understand as modern day AI. Think of AI as a set of computer systems that mimic human intelligence by learning data though algorithms to continuously improve performance that the user benefits from. It makes decisions or predictions based on the information it gathers.

ChatGPT may have taken us by surprise, but Artificial Intelligence is not a new concept. You have been using Artificial intelligence for many years through Google search engines, maps and predictive text features, and advertising to name a few. For small business owners, AI enables you to make data-driven decisions that unlock growth and opportunity for your small business.

Small Businesses Can Use Advanced Technology To Drive Business Growth

AI technology opens up the door to analyze data for insights that will inform your marketing and sales strategy, improve customer service and give you a competitive edge in your market.

“Artificial intelligence will digitally disrupt all industries.  Don’t be left behind.” ~Dave Waters

Constant Contact surveyed over 1,000 small business owners and found that “91 percent of small businesses who are currently using AI say it has made their business more successful, and they are using it to regain valuable time in their week, cut down on manual mistakes and grow faster.”

As a small business owner you wear all the hats. This means that every minute and dollar counts when you are in business. Here are a few ways you can use AI tools to drive growth in your business:

There are so many creative ways to use AI tools and resources! Some of our favorite affordable tools for content, video and graphic design are ChatGPT, Captions and Canva.

Don’t Lose the Human Touch In Your AI Generated Content

While artificial intelligence has unleashed some incredible tools worth investing in, it is very important to keep the human touch. Your customers know when your content is not authentic and genuine. Artificial intelligence has greatly improved productivity and efficiency. It’s decreased overhead costs for business owners. And, it provides data driven information that allows businesses to scale and grow.

But, it cannot replace the human connection that all humans long for. Content that is generated from AI resources lack the emotional connection that will resonate with your readers. You should always review your content to ensure it is authentic and aligns with your brand message. Be sure to incorporate your personal experiences to humanize the content.

Stay present. AI should not be replacing you. As a small business owner, you are the face of your brand. You can keep the human touch on your brand and content by responding to comments and engaging with your audience through your blogs, email campaigns and social media posts. Ultimately, the key is to strike that balance between the efficiency and productivity AI provides and your voice, connecting with your customers and future buyers on a personal level.

“As the small business landscape evolves it’s important to remember that AI is a powerful tool that will unleash opportunity for growth in your business, but it should never replace the human connection. It is the human touch of authenticity, empathy, creativity, and genuine connection that will grow a successful business.” – Deanna Cotten, Jump Start Business Builders

Get Started With Artificial Intelligence

All technology, like many other modern resources, can be used for good or evil. While many may believe the enemy has risen up to destroy your business, I believe you can use the advancement of technology to do incredible things. Because of AI you can now spend more time in areas of your business that are making the biggest impact on your customers and clients.

There is no time to waste now! If you are not sure where to start saving time and money with AI, request a FREE business coaching session with the head coach, Deanna Cotten at Jump Start Business Builders.

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