Why your business needs a blog

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

A blog can help you grow your business organically. Your blog will increase website traffic and establish trust with your current or future customers. No matter how big or small your business is you need a blog on your website as part of your marketing strategy. Blogs make it easier for customers to find your business on search engines and learn about your company, products and services.

Recent results from the 2022 State of Marketing Trends Report continue to report that your website and blog remains in the TOP 3 marketing channels you should be capitalizing on for your business. Social media is the number one marketing channel for your business. However, your website and blog is right behind social media as the second most effective marketing channel.

Hear me out on this! You need to be blogging for your small business. Of course, a blog can be an investment of your time. It is however a free or low cost way to maximize your organic advertising efforts. If you do not have a blog for your business, make this the next marketing channel you invest your time in. Blogging is not dead, rather it has evolved. Starting your blog should be the very next thing you do for your marketing strategy. Here are a few reasons why you should take the plunge and start your blog.

Why your business needs a blog. Listen to the episode here.

Educate and Inform Your Buyers Through Blog Posts

Buyers have more access to information than ever before. Recent statistics show that more than 80% of buyers are researching your products and services before making a buying decision. This means that customers can research your products and services in depth before they ever make contact with your business. Before your buyer ever steps foot in your path they have already determined why they need to buy your product or service and how it will transform their lives.

Long gone are the days that the best product or service sells. Actually, times have changed. The business that is taking the time to educate and inform buyers may be winning over your current and future customers. Your business has an opportunity to take up real estate in your buyers minds. When you take that ownership in your industry you position yourself as an expert as it relates to your industry. This is why it is so important to take authority in your industry.

Answer Questions as it Relates to Your Small Business

Every customer will have objections when it comes to purchasing the products and services you sell. As a business you can overcome the most common objections by simply answering the questions they have. Answering your potential customers’ questions without the sales pressure is a way to establish trust with people that are considering doing business with you.

If you have not read the book “They Ask, You Answer“, get this book on your to-read list immediately. This is one of the books among our Top 10 Must Read Business Books in 2023. This book will help you learn how to literally obsess over the way your customers think, act, talk, and search as they move through the buying process no matter how much marketing trends evolve and change.

In short, do not wait for a potential buyer to hit “Contact Us” to ask you questions about your products and services. They will go shop in places that answer their questions and give them the answers quickly.

Inform Customers About Your Industry

Providing extra value to current and prospective customers encourages trust with your company. This is a way you can go above and beyond your products and services and inform buyers about your industry. Blog posts that inform buyers are generally helpful at helping a customer see their need for your offer as it relates to your industry.

Every business can use these types of posts to drive traffic to their website and position themselves as the expert in their industry. Coffee shops can inform consumers about how to grow coffee beans and the health benefits of coffee. The doctor can educate consumers on areas of their health they should be paying attention to. And, the retail store can start talking about how professionals should dress to feel confident. Get creative and give back by informing your readers about your industry. When you provide this type of information your door is the one buyers open when they are ready to buy.

Sell Your Products and Services with Your Blog

I interviewed a potential new client last week that informed me that an old blog she created many years ago still pays her mortgage. She no longer works on this blog, but the content and the links are still driving traffic to her website and it is still paying her every single month. This is exactly why a blog is a good long term marketing channel for your business. You can literally use blog posts to directly sell your products and services for the long haul. Consider writing a blog post for every product and service you offer. Make sure this post overcomes the objections your buyer will have. Also include the benefits of the product and service. You can end this post with a clear call to action and an easy way to buy from you. Keep in mind, not everyone buys right away. Be sure to plant a transitional call to action in your post. By transitional call to action I mean a link to your lead generator. If you do not make the sale immediately, you now have an email address to begin nurturing that lead toward a sale.

Start a Blog for Your Business

I know that starting a blog for your small business can feel like an overwhelming task. There is so much to learn but do not let that stop you from just starting. Start by working on content that allows you to educate, inform and communicate about your products or services. Learning how to write good blog posts will come with practice. Do not delay publishing your posts waiting for perfection. Once your blog post is published, you can always go back and improve the posts for search engine optimization.

Your blog is a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy. If you are struggling to get your marketing funnel installed click here to learn more about our Marketing and Sales Bootcamp. We know your marketing efforts will be key to growing your small business. Your success is our business!

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