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Robot at his computer wearing headphones using artificial intelligence to create content.

Transform Your Business With AI

“Businesses that don’t invest in AI will be OUT OF BUSINESS in five years.” – Ray Kurzweil Did that statement about AI just hit you

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Mindset For Business

Shift Your Mindset In Business

The right mindset in business is the secret ingredient that fuels the journey of a successful small business owner. Mindset is key for empowering you

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Executive Business Summary

Write An Executive Business Summary

Writing an executive business summary is the first step to take before starting a new business. While an executive summary can effectively communicate the key

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Setting Goals For Your Business Blog Post

Setting Goals for Your Business

What do you need to accomplish in your business in 2024? It’s not uncommon to hear business owners attempt goals like; drive sales, start a

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10 Must Read Business Books in 2023 Blog

Top 10 Business Books to Read in 2023

Business books are practical guides to owning a successful business. The most successful entrepreneurs and business owners make reading a priority. Business books may cover

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How to Choose a Word of the Year

How to Choose a Word of the Year

What is a “word of the year?” How will it impact your year personally and professionally? What could it make possible this year? Your word

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handing a gift with three arrows pointing in different directions

How To Create A Compelling Offer

A compelling offer is so much more than a description of what you sell. A product or service offer that becomes irresistible to your potential

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Marketing 101 For Every Business

Marketing 101 for Every Business

Marketing is the action you take in your business to inform, educate and communicate your products and services to your ideal buyer. Every business should

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Why your business needs a blog

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

A blog can help you grow your business organically. Your blog will increase website traffic and establish trust with your current or future customers. No

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Email Marketing

Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

With the rise of social media, influencer marketing, and other newer marketing trends, it’s natural to wonder if email marketing remains an effective tool for

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