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The Power of Short Form Video – Marketing Your Small Business

While your website, blog and email marketing strategies are still in the TOP 3 marketing channels for 2023, it’s important to note the power of short form video content in your social strategies. Short form video content is picking up steam and you are behind the curve if you are not leveraging video in your marketing plan.

“90% of marketers using short form video will increase or maintain their investment next year.”

– HubSpot Blogs Research

Social media is an incredible tool for bringing awareness to your products and services. It’s also a great way to highlight your industry and position yourself as an expert. While we agree that social media should not be the only marketing channel you are using to talk about your small business, the power of it, especially when using short form video can not be denied. Influencer marketing and video content is proving to be the most effective and efficient way to market your services and capture the fast paced attention spans of online audiences especially.

The power of short form video to market your small business. Listen to the episode here.

What is Short Form Video Content?

Think of this video content as a “quick bite” that delivers maximum information in minimal time. These short videos are marketing gems packed with valuable insights to help you elevate your brand and drive results. In each video, industry experts and seasoned marketers share their knowledge and expertise in a dynamic and engaging format in 1-3 minutes.

Whether it’s exploring the latest digital trends, unveiling innovative marketing techniques, or providing practical tips for success, “Quick Bites” can cater to all businesses and industries.

Creating Brand Awareness With Video Content

Your brand is the first thing consumers notice. Branding consists of more than colors, logo’s and fonts. Of course these things help you stand out and get noticed online. But, these things alone will not grow your small business.

Brand awareness has become increasingly difficult due to evolving trends and algorithms. Knowing how to work with the trends and algorithms can feel overwhelming. Of course there is a science and formula behind it, I do not believe that you need to know the ins and outs of trends and algorithms to create brand awareness. Simply put, play the game that works in this market. One to three minute videos tend to get more engagement than standard posts so post short form videos and let the trends and algorithms bring your brand to life online.

What Kind Of Video Content Do Small Business Owners Create?

Some small business owners believe that they do not have anything worthwhile to post via video. However, the seamless blend of visuals, narration, and on-screen examples makes it easy to absorb the information for today’s online audiences. You have very little time to capture your target market online, and video has become known as the best way to do just that. In general, experts agree that you have 8 seconds or less to capture your buyer! When it comes to your video content, you must hook your buyer in 3 seconds or they keep scrolling.

Every business owner can leverage video in their overall marketing plan to conveniently educate, inform, answer questions and influence your customers. Small business owners should create the same type of content on their blog as well. This will result in increased traffic and sales on your website.

Where Do I Post My Short Video Content

Short form video content is officially taking over social media platforms. At Jump Start Business Builders we recommend business owners discover at least two social platforms that their ideal customer is active in. Engage and generate video based content for the platforms that your buyers are active in.

First, I want to recommend that you create all of your videos on your own device. After recording, use the upload feature in the social media platform to upload your video. Of course, most social platforms will allow you to use their camera feature to record from, but when you create from the social platforms program, they also own that video and it contains their branding. There are times it is appropriate to use the camera feature in the platform such as re-creating a trend or a sound as seen on Tik Tok as well as many others. However if you are educating, informing or advising as it relates to your business, products or services, be sure to use your own device so you are the sole owner of that content.

Trending Platforms For Short Form Video:

Spend some researching the audiences that hang out in these platforms and decide where you should be spending your time generating leads and engagement with your short form video content.

Don’t Wait To Implement Short Form Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Short form video content has become a non-negotiable in marketing today. Every year Hubspot features a State of Marketing Report that I have found to be incredibly insightful for my business. Not only do they provide the outcomes of current marketing trends, but the projected trends in the upcoming year. This report is free and worth your while before you create your marketing plans every year.

While many small business owners are fearful of the camera, there is no better time to catch the trend! Now is the time to set your fears aside and supercharge your marketing efforts and take your brand to new heights.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great” – Zig Ziglar

Truer words have never been spoken as it relates to creating video content. Helping our clients embrace change and succeed through leading edge trends in marketing and development is our priority. If you are not sure how to start implementing video into your marketing plan we are here to help. Schedule a FREE coaching consultation by completing the FREE business assessment.

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