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The Art of the Ask – Closing the Sale

Closing sales requires “asking for money.” So why is selling so hard? Maybe you thought your products and services would sell themselves. It is true that you offer an amazing service. Of course your product truly is the highest quality on the market. And, your offer is the best bang for the buck. But, despite how amazing your products and services are, you still have to ask for the dang money.

There are so many emotions around money so closing sales can feel uncomfortable, awkward and difficult. When you are asking for money as it relates to the value of something that you have personally created, negative emotions have a tendency to rise up. Small business owners have a tendency to undervalue their products and services or feel bad about being compensated for their time, efforts, creations and knowledge.

Selling doesn’t have to be this complicated. Asking for the sale can be a genuine and authentic process for both you and your customer, making the sales journey a peaceful process in your business.

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Why Is Asking For The Sale So Hard?

Asking for the sale can be challenging for so many reasons. Humans naturally avoid situations that can lead to rejection, failure, being judged, disappointment, and overcoming objections. All of these limitations can paralyze even the most experienced sales professionals.

Humans are naturally motivated when they feel accepted and understood. When a customer says “yes” and they give you money for your product or service, you may feel valued and worthy. When a potential buyer says “no” you might embrace this no as if you are being judged.

The fear of failure and disappointment arises from high expectations, leading to anxiety about the potential of falling short. And, potential buyers almost always have objections. Objections can be perceived as intimidating because they challenge your knowledge and confidence in the product or service you are selling. However, I think that objections are worth embracing. It is an opportunity to clarify the value of the product or service, build trust and authority.

Overcoming Sales Anxiety

Closing sales and asking for money is a requirement for succeeding in business. Overcoming sales anxiety is probably the most critical skill you can cultivate as a small business owner. The sales department is a place where rejection, objections, and high-pressure situations are the norm; making it easy to succumb to anxiety and self-doubt. However, those who can conquer their sales anxiety not only greatly increase their chance of survival in business, but also find a renewed sense of confidence and purpose in life.

When sales anxiety rears its ugly head do this ASAP:

1. Cut the emotions! Your emotions are very personal and asking for the sale was never about you to begin with.

2. Check your heart! What is your motivation right now? Do you just want the money or are you passionate about how you impact your customers’ lives?

3. Transform your buyers life! Shift your focus and make the sales process all about making an impact until their lives. You are not selling a product or a service. Start selling an experience that solves a problem and transforms lives.

As it turns out, asking for the sale is not about you. If you fail to make the offer out of fear of being offended, you leave the door open for your competitor to step in and close the deal.

Relationships are the Foundation of Sales

The sales journey starts with relationships. Building relationships, networking and connecting is paramount to discovering your target buyer. The competition in your market is fierce and your potential customer has unlimited choices when it comes to purchasing products and services just like yours.

The kind of relationship I am talking about is one that understands the customer’s needs and desires. As a small business owner you are motivated by solving a problem for your customer. Your main focus is transforming the lives of your customer. When your motives are driven by impacting lives, asking for the money is easy. If you don’t ask for the money you are preventing your customer from growing, learning, transforming, healing ect.

Think about it? If you care about someone and you know that you sell something that can make their life better, would you withhold that information? No. No you wouldn’t. But, now that you take a look back at all the times that you failed to present and offer to your customer and ask for the money, that is exactly what you did. You failed to give a solution to your customer.

Successful Small Business Owners Sell Solutions

Successful small business owners know that business is not just about selling a product or service; it’s about solving problems and transforming lives. When customers feel heard, valued, and supported, they are much more likely to make a purchase. Not only that, but they also become brand advocates for your products and services.

Stop beating around the bush. Your customer is looking for a solution to a problem and your products and services offer a clear and simple offer that will transform their life. The sales journey is not just about closing deals; it’s about opening doors to long-term relationships with your customers.

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