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Global Leadership Summit 2023 Highlights – Leadership Development For Business Owners

Every year thousands of leaders gather for the Global Leadership Summit. The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day experience with insights from leading experts. The summit is designed to inspire, drive, and deepen your influence as a leader in today’s ever-changing world.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the role of a business owner extends beyond marketing, sales and maximizing profits. Small business owners must recognize the significance of their personal and professional growth as a leader.

The Global Leadership Network is a global organization that is passionate about inspiring and equipping leaders to transform the world for the better. As an organization they believe every person is a leader and should have access to encouragement and formation, so they can step into their leadership calling and transform the world.

As you prepare for next year’s global leadership event, let’s reflect back on Global Leadership Summit 2023! Below I will share highlights from a few of my favorite speakers.

Leadership Highlights from the Global Leadership Conference 2023. Listen to the episode here!

The Power To Change With Craig Groeschel – Global Leadership Summit

People have access to more information than ever before. As a result, consumers are more and more skeptical about what leaders to trust and follow. As a leader, who do you listen to and why? It is critical to know that others will not always give me the benefit of the doubt.

Craig Groeschel highlights the fact that people will not trust someone or something until they see evidence. Social proof and evidence of your leadership qualities will matter for moving people into action. As a small business owner you must move people to action or your business cannot survive today. So, how do you create a culture of “TRUST” so you can begin moving your customers to action.

Earning the trust of your customers is worth the investment in yourself as a leader. This equation will change your life as a leader in business: Transparency + Empathy + Consistency = Trust.

“If they don’t trust you they won’t follow you.” – Craig Groeschel, The Power To Change: Mastering the Habits That Matter the Most

Think Like A Genius With Erwin McManus at GLS 2023

As a business owner, or a leader in general we often experience success through past failures. Failure tends to surface many emotions like shame, guilt, embarrassment and anger. The key is knowing how to respond to failure. Rather than suppressing these emotions, emerging leaders will embrace them. What if failure was a wild horse you needed to ride to experience growth, achievement and success in your business?

Erwin poses some pretty hard truths in this session. There is no experience you will ever go through that will create internal limitations in you.

“All limitations are created by me and are the product of my response.” – Erwin McManus, Mind Shift: It Doesn’t Take A Genius To Think Like One.

Your greatest challenge in business will be overcoming the weight of your own success. It does not take a genius to think like one. “Genius is given to everyone, but only a few will embrace it.” – Erwin McManus.

Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results with James Clear

Excellence is a core value that all leaders should embrace. However, embracing “excellence” can feel big to wrap your head around. I know I am tempted to see growth and opportunity as a mountain to climb.

“Excellence is about making little improvements, not radical changes.” – James Clear, Atomic Habits: Easy Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones.

True behavior change is identity change. Ask yourself, how can I become 1% better tomorrow? If you do not rise to the level of your goal you will fall to the level of your system. Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. Baby steps are the key to building new, healthy habits and breaking old, bad habits. Learn more about the four stages to habit formation in James Clear’s book, “Atomic Habits.”

Level Up with Ryan Leak

“Leaders get stuck on autopilot, running in place but not growing.” – Ryan Leak, Leveling Up

As a business owner and leader I could feel this in my bones. As a business coach, I see your blind spots. Your blind spots keep you spinning your wheels and hold you back from “leveling up” in your small business. If you stop trying to go to the next level you will stop growing.

The definition of success looks different for everyone. Success is often determined by the circle you grew up in. This means you can redefine success with the circle of influence you are surrounded by today. What does it look like to be on the other side of you? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? According to Ryan Leak, there are levels to this. Get your hands on this book!

People are following you through the change and someone is adopting your idea of success.

Attend a Global Leadership Summit Near You

Small Business Owners that actively invest in their leadership development enhance their ability to steer their companies towards success. As a result you foster a culture of innovation, resilience, and adaptability amongst your teams.

A few of the GLS 2024 speakers have already been announced! You won’t want to miss the opportunity to grow with industry leaders like Mike Krzyzweski (also known as “Coach K”) or Amy Fletcher. Also a celebrity highlight, comedic thought leader Michael Junior. Also, Amy Edmondson, Erwin McManus and Craig Groeschel will take the stage at the 2024 Global Leadership event. There are a few more leading experts taking the stage in 2024. Stay tuned as more speakers are announced throughout the year.

Tickets are on sale for the 2024 Global Leadership Summit event. Reserve your seat as soon as possible for next year’s summit happening on August 8-9, 2024! You can attend online, in person or find a local host site near you. It’s a great opportunity to network and connect with other leaders in your local area.

Global Leadership Summit

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