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Does My Business Need A Mission, Vision and CORE Values?

Every successful small business should have a mission, vision and CORE values. These statements become the foundation every small business relies on to take off successfully. The company mission, vision and CORE values become an anchor that ensure stability and security for businesses whether for profit or non-profit.

Starting your business without a mission, vision or CORE values is like leaving the dock without a life jacket. A company without a mission is at risk for financial hardships. At the very least, you will be spinning your wheels a lot and this is costly both in productivity and management.

If you are ready to jump start a successful business, or if you are ready to take your side hustle or passion project to the next level, listen up. You are going to need a solid foundation that consists of a mission, vision and CORE values.

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Why Is A Mission Statement So Important For Small Businesses

The mission statement clarifies a company’s purpose in a short and succinct statement. A good mission statement also provides a filter through which every business decision can be made; making it easy for a business to stay on track in regards to the future of the business.

Specifically, a mission statement will describe the purpose of the business as well as its primary objectives for the business as a whole. This statement may seem simple but it is generally the driving force behind the actions of the company leaders, employees and customers.

A mission statement should be short, powerful, and motivating so that it reminds the business leadership and customers of why your business exists and how it transforms the life of your customers.

What Is The Purpose Of A Vision Statement

A vision statement expresses your company’s aspirations, strategic goals and plans for the future; communicating what you will achieve through your business. With the future in mind, a vision communicates where the business is going and what the desired outcome for the business or customers is. A company that lacks vision will experience chaos, disengaged employees, high turnover, leaders and managers with no direction, and financial struggles.

In the same way as a mission statement, a vision statement is short and concise; communicating what the business will accomplish in the long run. It should motivate employees and leaders to work towards growth and success.

The Importance Of CORE Values In A Business

A company with a set of CORE values is ready for impact. In short the CORE values are a set of fundamental beliefs naturally lived out by your company. CORE Values underlie all activity, including the strategies used to fulfill the company’s purpose and strategic initiatives. They also impact how employees interact with one another. They become the core elements of how people approach their work and relationships in the workplace.

CORE values do not just impact the direct culture of your business internally, but they also tell your customer who you are as a company which can directly affect their desire to do business with you.

Every Small Business Should Have A Mission, Vision and Values To Guide The Business Towards Success

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs will skip this step when launching a business; believing this is not important. However, if you are just starting a business, or if you have a business that is struggling, be sure to check the mission, vision and CORE value boxes immediately. Your mission statement will describe the reason your small business exists. Creating a vision statement will guide your business towards purpose and what you hope to achieve with your business. Lastly, the CORE values list the principles that guide and direct your business and its culture, making a positive impact on your employees, customers and community.

Do You Need Help Writing Your Mission, Vision or CORE Value Statements?

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