Podcast Trailer – Jump Start Business Builders Your Six Figure Business

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Podcast Trailer - Your Six Figure Business
Jump Start Business Builders
Podcast Trailer - Jump Start Business Builders Your Six Figure Business

Success meant achieving a six figure business. I started businesses and failed over and over again. As a small business owner the fear and wonder of where my next paycheck would come from has been a reality. For many years I felt as though I was running in place yet spinning my wheels at the same time. I spent countless dollars on incredible strategies to see just to see if it would work. Consistently, I found myself back at square one. The mind drama is surreal. What if this product doesn’t sell? What if nobody needs these services? I have been here.

Owning a business is a lot of hard work, hustle and grind. As a serial entrepreneur, I understand the physical, emotional, and mental strength needed to succeed. Through foundational business understanding and execution, every business owner can achieve six figures, scale to a million and still take a vacation every year.

Achieve Your First Six Figure Year In Business

When I achieved my first six figure year I thought it was a fluke. After achieving six figures for two years in a row, I decided to look back at the strategies I used. This system is now replicated in all industries whether product or service based. Many small business owners have achieved six figures in one year, and many more even scaled to their first million within 2-3 years!

My name is Deanna and I am your business coach! Allow me to use my successes and failure to save you time, money, and energy so you can grow a profitable business; while dispelling the myth that you are 2-3 years away from getting a paycheck.

Download your FREE six-part framework to help you reach your first $100,000 in revenue this year: “Six Steps to Your 6-Figure Business.

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Deanna Cotten, Certified Business Made Simple Coach