Welcome to Jump Start Business Builders 12-Week Business Coaching Series

Hey there! My name is Deanna Cotten – Certified Business Made Simple Coach at Jump Start Business Builders. Let me kick off this business relationship with a reminder that “Your Success is our Business” at Jump Start Business Builders. Just like you, I have tried ALL. THE. THINGS. to discover my first $100,000 in revenue. Some things worked. Most did not.

The battle wounds are real and I have some scars to prove it. I have thrown away thousands of dollars and lost countless hours of sleep trying to make a small business work. Now, I have a proven path to success and it works every time… if YOU do the hard work to get there.

Since I am all about making sure that you get the business coaching experience that helps you to achieve your first 6-figure year in business, the next 12-weeks is all about you and your success as a business.

The Jump Start Business Builders 12-Week Business Coaching Series is for entrepreneurs who are committed and dedicated to the real challenges of launching and growing a 6-figure business. This coaching program incudes sessions in the following topics:

  • Mindset
  • Money
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Services and Product Development
  • Systems and Processes

By the end of the Jump Start Business Builders 12 – Week Coaching Series, participants will have a clear vision and proven path to their first $100,000 in revenue and the confidence to take a paycheck.

See you in our Week 1 session: “Mindset Matters Most“! Be sure to download the Workbook when you get there.