Jump Start Business Builders 12-Week Coaching Series

Are you launching a brand new small business? Maybe you started your business and you feel like you are running in place. You are losing time, money and energy trying to figure out how to make your business work. Reaching your first $100,000 in revenue is where the magic happens. When you reach that first 6-figures in revenue you will get on track for sustainability and positioned for scalability.  

At Jump Start Business Builders we know how important it is to take the right steps strategically to grow a successful and profitable small business. This 12-week business coaching series is our proven steps and strategies that will help you kick off with a plan to reach your first $100,000 in revenue and dispel the myth that you are 2-3 years away from a paycheck.  

Deanna Cotten – Certified Business Made Simple Coach will take you on a 12 week journey to laying the foundations to your business and setting you up for future success as a small business owner. 

Jump Start Your Small Business In Just 12-Weeks

  • Mindset of an Entrepreneur
  • Create a Stand Out Brand 
  • Writing an Effective Business Summary and Plan
  • Discover Ideal Buyer Personas  
  • Creative Profitable Services and Products
  • Website Development and Design  
  • Basics of Marketing 
  • Killer Marketing Strategy That Works
  • The Art of the Ask – Sales Strategy
  • Internal Business Matters That Can Make or Break Your Business 
  • Setting Goals For Your First $100,000 in Revenue

And so much more…

Transform Your Business

Your Success Is Our Business! In just 12-weeks you will have a clear vision and proven path to a profitable small business. You will also have foundational skills and knowledge that you need to execute your plan and grow your business. 

My name is Deanna and I am YOUR business coach. Let’s lock arms and hit the ground running! It is possible to achieve your first $100,000 in revenue and pay yourself first. Get started on your 12-week journey to success today!

Course Curriculum

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