Launch and Grow A 6-Figure Business

How to grow a business blog post

Starting a small business is one of the trendiest ways to make money. As a matter of fact, entrepreneurship is the leading career choice today. Many people are searching for the freedom and flexibility that comes with business ownership. However, launching and growing a small business comes with many unexpected challenges as well. While growing […]

Transform Your Business With AI

Robot at his computer wearing headphones using artificial intelligence to create content.

“Businesses that don’t invest in AI will be OUT OF BUSINESS in five years.” – Ray Kurzweil Did that statement about AI just hit you sideways like it did me? I would be lying if I had not noticed that I was stunned and at a loss for words when I heard this statement. This […]

It’s Time For a Mindset Reset

midset reset blog post image

It is time for a mindset reset! Some of you had an amazing year in business. You leveled up and achieved your goals and objectives you had set for yourself personally and professionally. If that was you, I am celebrating your wins! But, for many of you, the last year did not spare you trials […]

Shift Your Mindset In Business

Mindset For Business

The right mindset in business is the secret ingredient that fuels the journey of a successful small business owner. Mindset is key for empowering you to overcome obstacles you will face in your business allowing you to turn setbacks into stepping stones. Behind every successful business owner is the unwavering mindset of one who envisions […]

Overcome Trauma While Running A Business

Trauma in Business

Running a business is no easy feat, and when you add the burden of a traumatic event into the mix, it can feel as though a weight has crushed your soul and there is no coming back from the overwhelm. However, healing from trauma while managing a business is not only possible but can also […]

The Small Business Owners Guide to Overcoming Burnout

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Unfortunately, small business owners often learn to avoid or overcome burnout the hard way. Entrepreneurs are engaging in the most thrilling and challenging ride where ambition fuels innovation and determination paves the path to the success desired. However, the path to success does not come without risk to your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. One […]

Global Leadership Summit 2023 Highlights – Leadership Development For Business Owners

Leadership development business

Every year thousands of leaders gather for the Global Leadership Summit. The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day experience with insights from leading experts. The summit is designed to inspire, drive, and deepen your influence as a leader in today’s ever-changing world. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the role of a business owner extends […]

Networking: Game Changer for Small Business Owners

people networking across the globe

Networking is a total game changer for small business owners. At its very core, business is nothing more than generating win-win opportunities by cultivating professional relationships and nurturing relevant contacts. It involves building connections, fostering relationships, making referrals, sharing resources, and supporting other small business owners. The landscape of small business is changing and business owners […]

Write An Executive Business Summary

Executive Business Summary

Writing an executive business summary is the first step to take before starting a new business. While an executive summary can effectively communicate the key points of your business to executives, investors, and stakeholders, it also serves as an overall summary of your business plan. It is not uncommon for small business owners to skip […]

Businesses That Started During A Recession

finding direction through crisis and opportunity

Launching and growing a small business during a recession is undeniably challenging. Many small business owners will scale back or hold off on launching a new business as uncertain times arise. When your competitors scale back this is your launching pad. They literally just opened up the greatest opportunity for you to transform their fears […]

Prepare Your Business for a Recession

Prepare your business for a recession blog post

A potential recession is looming and business owners are scared. Times are tough for entrepreneurs and most of you are not prepared for the hard times ahead. Even if you are not prepared, it is not too late to take some steps towards being prepared for a near future crisis. Even better, I believe you […]

Economic Downturns Are Business Launching Pads

business men navigating up and down growth

Economic downturns present a multitude of challenges for small businesses. When the economy takes a turn for the worse, small business owners brace for impact. Credit markets tighten up and consumers reduce their spending. There has been much talk about a recession for nearly two years. The war on Israel leaves many small business owners […]

Setting Goals for Your Business

Setting Goals For Your Business Blog Post

What do you need to accomplish in your business in 2024? It’s not uncommon to hear business owners attempt goals like; drive sales, start a blog, implement SEO, increase social media followers, ect. While these are great ideas to grow your business, they lack clarity, vision and purpose. Business owners are struggling to keep their […]

Strategic Planning for Your Small Business

planning sticky notes and paperclips

The new year is right around the corner and now is the perfect time for strategic planning in your small business. Set aside the time to reflect on what your business accomplished over this last year. Discover what needs to be accomplished in the next year to achieve your overall company goals and objectives. Strategic […]

Top 10 Business Books to Read in 2023

10 Must Read Business Books in 2023 Blog

Business books are practical guides to owning a successful business. The most successful entrepreneurs and business owners make reading a priority. Business books may cover topics such as: And so much more. Simply said, business books offer advice from someone who has been to places you want to go. Adding these books to your list […]

How to Choose a Word of the Year

How to Choose a Word of the Year

What is a “word of the year?” How will it impact your year personally and professionally? What could it make possible this year? Your word for the year will help you set an intention for your year. This means that every action you take will have meaning behind it. Every decision you make is filtered […]

Business Goal Setting – Why September Is The New January

Business Goal Setting

Goal setting is a prerequisite for your overall success as a business owner. This begs the question, when is it the best time of year to set your business goals? As the summer comes to an end, kids head back to school, leaves begin to change, the sun sets earlier, a renewed sense of reinvention and […]

Affordable Ways to Thank Your Customers

Thank you

Strengthen relationships with your customers by saying thank you on purpose! Customer appreciation is a great way to express your gratitude to your customers. It helps them to feel seen, heard and valued. Showing your customers that you appreciate them results in brand loyalty, increased customer retention rates and referrals. As a season of economic […]

5 Questions to Answer Before Starting a New Business

5 Questions to Answer Before Starting a Business

Entrepreneurial individuals often have a business idea that rarely is executed on. It is true that 99% of running a successful business is execution and only 1% is the idea itself. Execution is the hardest part. It requires effort, strategy, finances, marketing and sales skills. If you are the executor on fire and ready to […]

Does My Business Need A Mission, Vision and CORE Values?

Mission Visions Core Values

Every successful small business should have a mission, vision and CORE values. These statements become the foundation every small business relies on to take off successfully. The company mission, vision and CORE values become an anchor that ensure stability and security for businesses whether for profit or non-profit. Starting your business without a mission, vision […]

3 Professionals Business Owners Should Hire

Professionals business owners should hire

Professionals can help you meet or exceed your business needs in ways that you may not know how. Small business owners wear a lot of hats and it can be difficult to determine what areas of your business you should hire professionals for. There is a common misconception that you CAN wear all of the […]

Coach vs. Therapist: What Is the Difference?

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Do you need a business coach or therapist? How do you identify what you need most right now to grow personally and professionally? You are often torn between managing personal development and professional growth. Most often when seeking personal growth or healing, entrepreneurs will seek out the help of a therapist. In the case of […]

Get The Best Results With Your Business Coach

Best Results With Your Coach

If you are feeling stuck in your business and need help discovering a new path to success, consider hiring a business coach. Hiring a coach can make a significant difference in regards to the future growth and success of your business. The problems you face are challenging. However your coach can help you generate solutions […]

3 Reasons To Hire a Business Coach

3 Reasons to Hire a Business Coach

Have you been wondering if a business coach is the solution to your current business needs? Small business owners and leaders are on the field everyday making decisions that could make or break a business. You are executing and implementing strategies that may or may not produce the results you desire. Did you know that […]

How To Create A Compelling Offer

handing a gift with three arrows pointing in different directions

A compelling offer is so much more than a description of what you sell. A product or service offer that becomes irresistible to your potential buyers ultimately solves a problem the consumer is experiencing. People do not buy good products or services anymore, they buy solutions to their problems. Creating a compelling offer is critical […]

Marketing 101 for Every Business

Marketing 101 For Every Business

Marketing is the action you take in your business to inform, educate and communicate your products and services to your ideal buyer. Every business should have a marketing strategy in place to increase buyer awareness and communicate the value of their products and services. It is normal to experience highs and lows in a business. […]

The Power of Short Form Video – Marketing Your Small Business

Short Form Video

While your website, blog and email marketing strategies are still in the TOP 3 marketing channels for 2023, it’s important to note the power of short form video content in your social strategies. Short form video content is picking up steam and you are behind the curve if you are not leveraging video in your […]

Embrace the Future: Marketing Trends 2024

white board with marketing plan

Marketing trends continue to evolve at rapid speed. Staying ahead of the curve is more than just an advantage, it’s absolutely necessary now more than ever. As we step into 2024, the marketing trends present both challenges and opportunities for small businesses. To thrive in business today, marketers must be well-versed in the latest trends […]

Create a Brand That Stands Out

Create a brand blog

Branding is the heart and soul of your small business. It is a unique identity that sets you apart from your competitors. It is more than just a logo, fonts and great graphics. Branding includes the outward appearance which includes the fun things like logos, design and fonts, but it also nurtures an internal message […]

Create A Brand Message That Attracts Your Buyers

Create Brand Message

In today’s competitive small business market attracting buyers has become increasingly complicated. If your brand message does not resonate with your target audience this can be a “make or break” for your small business. Messaging is primarily what attracts a prospective buyer. Below are essential strategies for crafting compelling brand messaging that effectively converts your […]

Branding vs. Marketing vs. Advertising

Branding marketing advertising

Branding, marketing and advertising are critical initiatives to help you grow your small business. Each of these elements are a part of your overall strategy to drive traffic, increase sales and maximize profits. They ultimately work together to make big things happen in your business. However, sometimes branding, marketing and advertising are so closely connected […]

Marketing Strategy vs. Sales Strategy

Marketing and sales

Marketing and sales are very different in the scope of business, but are equally important. The dynamic of business is evolving and marketing and sales are two critical components of your small business that play a pivotal role in achieving success. It is common to use both terms interchangeably, but they actually represent very distinct […]

5 Ways to Increase Sales On Your Website

5 ways to increase sales on your website

Your website is your greatest marketing asset and this is where the sale is made. As a small business owner, you know that closing the sale is crucial to your growth and success. Are you chasing your tail trying to figure out where to invest your marketing efforts to increase your sales? Did you know […]

Embracing the Future: Sales Trends 2024

sales trends small business

Sales trends for small businesses are continuing to evolve. As small businesses aim to succeed in 2024 it is critical to understand how the digital age is ushering in transformative changes shaping the customer sales journey. Traditional approaches to selling have been challenged. Small business owners have been forced to adopt the modern sales trends […]

Create Brand Loyalty With Social Media

black woman holding a frame with social media icons

Social media is a great way to generate brand awareness, highlight your industry and position yourself as an expert. Every small business should have an online social media today presence today. Without an online presence, business owners will miss opportunities, reduce visibility, and place your business at a complete competitive disadvantage. Consumers are constantly engaged […]

The Art of the Ask – Closing the Sale

Closing the sale

Closing sales requires “asking for money.” So why is selling so hard? Maybe you thought your products and services would sell themselves. It is true that you offer an amazing service. Of course your product truly is the highest quality on the market. And, your offer is the best bang for the buck. But, despite […]

The Hidden Dangers Of Free Products and Services

free stickers

Small business owners often try to gain traction in sales by offering free products and services. Especially during hard times, you might be grappling with hard decisions when it comes to pricing strategies. While it might seem enticing to offer free products and services as a means of gaining traction, it may be more detrimental […]

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Why your business needs a blog

A blog can help you grow your business organically. Your blog will increase website traffic and establish trust with your current or future customers. No matter how big or small your business is you need a blog on your website as part of your marketing strategy. Blogs make it easier for customers to find your […]

What Is A Lead Generator and Why is it Important?

What is a lead generator and why is it important

Lead generation is a process of attracting prospects who may be interested in your products or services and collecting their email address. The goal is to later convert the lead to a buyer. Many studies have been conducted over the years and it is safe to say that most consumers will NOT make a purchase the first […]

Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Email Marketing

With the rise of social media, influencer marketing, and other newer marketing trends, it’s natural to wonder if email marketing remains an effective tool for small businesses. Business owners wear a lot of hats and have limited time available. It’s critical to make sure the investment of time, resources and skills are allocated towards profitable […]